Mortgage Process

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Get a home mortgage that fits your financial plans. Turn to Boykin Home Mortgage LLC in Greenville, SC for superb loans with excellent pricing options. Our areas of expertise include origination and in-house broker products.

How Our Process Works

Step 1: Online Application

Through our online application system, we can obtain the needed information to prequalify you for a mortgage. During this step, we will also make a recommendation regarding a loan product, as well as provide you with a loan estimate. Here is a breakdown of our online process:

  • Get Pre-Qualified
  • Set a Price Range
  • Compare Loan Products
  • Obtain a Loan Estimate

Step 2: Home Appraisal and Property Title Search

After accepting your online application, we will provide you with an unbiased home appraisal report. By doing so, we can make sure that you know the true worth of the house you want to buy. Then, we will conduct a title search of the property. A title can let you know if there are issues with the property that can affect its value and sale.

Step 3: Underwriting Process

During this step, an underwriter will ensure that your financial profile matches our loan criteria and guidelines. The underwriter's job is to assess your risk and predict your capacity to make the mortgage payments.

Step 4: Closing/Settlement

This is the last step of the lending process. In the settlement stage, you and all of the concerned parties in the mortgage transaction will sign the necessary documents.

Find the Best Home Loan for Your Needs

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